- brass & macrme

- The crystal - Tiger Airon

- Chain length - Adjustable 

- macrame chain 

- Total weight - 42 g

- Pendant size 9.5 cm lenght x 7 cm wide approximately


- Handmade, one of a kind

- Free worldwide shipping


* You are powerful, enjoy your beauty *


Tiger Iron qualities - 

A combination of the Tigereye with the Hematite and sometimes also with red Jasper. Combining fire energies with earth. Provides strong physical protection. Creates a sense of gathering into our inner world and centering our point of view inward. Cleans survival fears from the physical body and the subconscious. Creates a strong connection to the physical body and thus gives a feeling of presence and a strong and stable ground. Stimulates the fire of desire and creation and prevents direct and precise action, which comes directly from the will of the soul

Tiger Iron Amulet