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The jewelry for me is a kind of amulet, one that accompanies, sometimes even protects and guards.
In my eyes amulet is an accessory that is with us to help us, guard us and balance us.
There are jewels that accompany us, that go through with us and are much more than a beautiful decoration, they have frequency, there is emotion within them,
That's what I am aiming for, I myself am on the journey of life and constantly learning.

Many of the jewels were created and developed in India, at the foot of the Himalayas, in Dharamsala and to this day it is the place that gives me the most inspiration!
I am attached to tribalism, earth colors and I really like combinations of materials.

The crystals are Mother Earth's treasures, and I am connected to them and feel the balance they bring with them.
Amazing how much each person connects to a different crystal.

my jewelry is made for both men and women....  so you can just feel and imagine.

Thank you,





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